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Chad Wilson Chases Away "The Devil"

Chad Wilson was born in Alabama as a third-generation musician, raised on southern harmonies and gospel music. Now living in Nashville, his songs have been recorded by more than 40 different artists and have made it to the Billboard charts. With his brother Kyle, the Wilson Brothers Band was listed as CMT Top 5 Rising Artist to Watch in 2018, then Alabama Music Awards nominee for best band in both 2020 and 2021, as well as winning best Country Duo/Group of The Year in 2019 and 2020 from Nashville Industry Music Awards.

As a solo artist now, Chad is releasing his own material while maintaining his life as a Nashville studio musician and touring with different bands. In 2021, Chad started hosting his podcast “Deconstructed Sessions”, where he interviews other songwriters to deconstruct not only their songs but also their lives and career journeys.

Chad’s most recent song, “The Devil,” is relatable on many different levels. He explains that “the song was written about, when we’re in a state of vulnerability, we’re more apt to make bad decisions and the devil is right there to prey upon our weakness. I can’t let the devil win today. I’ve got to get through this today and every day.”

Opening with light piano arpeggios, joined by acoustic guitar and cello, Chad’s voice shines through in his southern drawl. He restates familiar Bible verses, saying that the devil is real and walking around, looking for people who are lonely and broken. He steals and kills the things that are the most important to you, the things you need in your life.

The devil steals what makes us whole

All that remains is just a ghost

What good is the world if you lose your soul

The Devil steals what you love the most

Don't come around here no more no more Devil

Don't come around here no more

Don't come around here no more no more Devil

Don't come around here no more

The chorus begins with a subtle drum cymbal, and Chad adds his harmonies to the simple lyrics. When he sings the second chorus, he changes the melody to make it sound stronger, more forceful as he pushes the devil out of his life.

Halfway through the song, Chad has sung all of the lyrics, but it never sounds repetitive. He adds an electric guitar solo while a full choir begins to sing the chorus again. When Chad repeats the chorus himself, he adds a female harmony to echo his lyrics, and it gives the sense of a community coming together in agreement to denounce the devil.

Chad says, “Suicide was NOT the focus thought when we wrote it. But yet, once I started recording it recently, more and more people involved with the song kept saying how suicide had affected them and how this song could be used for that good. Then it became our mission to get this out.”

The song returns to the original motif of the light piano, and the cello rounds out the pensive mood. The song gives the listener plenty of space to reflect, and to push the devil out of anywhere he shouldn’t be. It ends quietly, as if the room has been swept clean of any negative influence.

Click here to listen to “The Devil

As if Chad didn't do enough with the song, he took it a step further adding the visual of a video that is both powerful and chilling. The video takes the song from being simply a story to truly bringing it to life and giving it the meaning Chad intended.

As described by Chad, in the video, Kyle Smithson plays the character of a lost and bewildered man who wants to end his life by jumping off a bridge. But with some heavenly intervention, a phone call has him step away and see that there are other ways to deal with life. Especially when times are hard. Chad Wilson, the artist, plays the role of the guy (the Devil) whom is always lurking over your shoulder. And always there helping you make some bad decisions. Ultimately in the end, the Devil loses and fades away.

To watch the official video for "The Devil" click Here

Song Credits:

Songwriters : Chad Wilson, Isaac Moore, Kyle Wilson

Producer: Eric Torres

Recorded at: FAME studios, Couch Studios, and The Parlor Production Studios

Special guests: Gabe Baker on Cello, the greater Nashville Inspirational choir, Kaitlyn Croker and Ruth Ann Conley on background vocals.

Video Credits:

Kyle Smithson and Chad Wilson

LICENSES [Merlin] Symphonic Distribution (on behalf of Chad Wilson)

To stay connected to Chad Wilson

Artist's Website|Instagram|Facebook

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