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Chad Wilson’s latest release “Ascending” featuring Kaitlyn Crocker

Chad Wilson is a “multi-award winning country music singer songwriter based out of Nashville TN. Formerly of the Wilson Brothers Band, Chad is living his destiny and is right where he should be.” Chad’s song “Ascending” is the first single on his upcoming album “The Devil.” The single features Maryland-raised, turned Nashville resident singer/songwriter Kaitlyn Croker who has been singing since she could talk with influences such as Faith Hill and Martina McBride. The pair come together with powerful vocals and an empowering message.

“Like a phoenix

I’ll rise from the ashes

Too strong

to be turned around

This is my broken heart mending

This is my feet off the ground

Moving on

means overcoming

My come down

has come to an ending

Ohh I I I I I I I I


Beginning with ethereal and beautiful instrumentation choices and vocally opening with Kaitlyn’s angelic voice, “Ascending” is reflective of the ascension from ashes that is being sung about. An anthem of true empowerment and hope, “Ascending” is an absolute masterpiece. Kaitlyn and Chad’s voices compliment each other effortlessly in every chorus and convey strong emotions of making a comeback despite setbacks. A great song for those currently facing hard times or coming out of them, “Ascending” reminds us that through difficulty there can be beauty.

To listen to “Ascending” click Here

Song credits:

Written by: Wilson/Beibrick/Christian/Martin

Produced by: Chad Wilson

Recorded by: John Pineiro (Perfect Image Studios) and Nick Sturms (Red 3 Studios)

Stay connected with Chad Wilson:

Instagram | Website | YouTube

Stay connected with Kaitlyn Croker:

Instagram | Website | Facebook

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