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Cherise Carvers loads her "Guitars Guns and Bibles" in her newest song!

Cherise Carver from Rogers, Arkansas started writing songs when she was 16. Her roots are in gospel and country music, and she loves songs that tell a story. Her first single landed on the Texas Country Music Charts and had some radio airplay.

Her newest song, “Guitars Guns & Bibles” was released on September 29, 2022.

Like a classic country story song, in “Guitars Guns & Bibles,” Cherise tells the story of Jesse Johnston. The song features some electric guitar work over a strong beat, somewhere between blues and old-school country. Her voice packs a big punch, and the production doesn’t have anything missing. The song would work when you’re driving alone or even doing a line dance in a crowded club. It’s just a lot of fun, just like the folks in the story Cherise sings about.

The first verse tells how Jesse was having a hard time, getting a flat tire and losing some cows in a storm. The locals gathered around to help him fix his fence and find the lost cows. It’s the way they live out there near Chickerberry Road.

We drink beer on Fridays, play those guitars through the night

Sing I’ll Fly Away on Sundays, teach our children wrong from right

BB Guns to Remingtons, we grow into our rifles

We live by southern gospels: guitars, guns, and Bibles

When Jesse got married the next day, the same friends all attended the church and sang hymns together. Of course, Jesse got a new gun rack for his truck as a wedding gift.

In the third verse, they moved the party to Jesse’s farm, and they noticed that there were still boot prints in the mud from the party the night before. They used truck beds as chairs and had a family guitar concert since everyone was already there. “It was time to whoop it up down in the South,” as Cherise tells us.

After Cherise repeats the third chorus, she starts adding background vocals saying hallelujah and I’ll Fly Away over the lyrics of the chorus and repeats the title. The song ends with a guitar lick that makes you wanna keep dancing.

To Listen to "Guitars Guns & Bibles" click Here!

Song Credits:

Writer: Cherise Carver

Guitar: Jeff King

Bass, Drums, Organ: Chris Collins

Producer: Chris Collins, Crimson Rose Studio

To Stay Connected with Cherise Carver:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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