Sarah Louise Finds Herself on "Rosa Parks Blvd"

Updated: Nov 18

Singer-songwriter Sarah Louise from Essex, UK, was a finalist for multiple British Country Music Awards, including 2021/2022 Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Entertainer of the Year. She began teaching herself to play guitar during lockdown and that influenced her music style as well.

Sarah's latest song written in Nashville for her upcoming EP "The Now" is “Rosa Park Blvd” in which she tells us, "It was written on the bed in my hotel room on Rosa Park Blvd where I could see the skyline of my favorite city in the world, where I have always wanted to go. It felt so good to finally make it there and feel so inspired.”

When the song begins, it sounds somewhere between bluegrass and blues, featuring a slow slide guitar and a fast finger picking acoustic guitar. She sings that she’s been looking for the right path in life, and is continually being told no. She couldn’t find her way and needed the right words, so she knew she had to come here. She found herself when she landed on Rosa Park Blvd.

The chorus picks up the tempo and adds harmony and a low-pitched electric guitar. Her clear voice stands out against the tambourine and the dancing beat.

I’ve been dreaming, been scheming, nothing seems to come by way

I’ve been lying, been trying, nothing seems to happen to me

I’ve been hoping, been coping, nothing seems to come my way

Until I found myself on Rosa Parks Blvd

During the second verse, Sarah says that I don’t let these things get to me since I’ve been in Nashville, and I knew I had to come here. In the bridge, she laughs and tells the naysayers that they can’t have any space in her head, and they don’t know what they talking about.

She modulates into a key change during the last chorus, and adds the line that life was hard until she found herself on Rosa Park Blvd, and she’s so glad she came here.

It’s a fun play on words, to be looking for your path in life, then finding your way, then finding yourself when you end up at a specific address. I like that her inspirational street is not full of high-priced office spaces and bars, and none of the famous record label companies, but filled with hotels and historic buildings. I’m also glad that Sarah found herself on Rosa Park Blvd.



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Song Credits:

Writer: Sarah Louise

Guitarist: Ben Newton

Producer: Mark Wickenden at Sonic Boom Music

To keep up with Sarah Louise:

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