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Dallas Remington Releases 80's Hair inspired Country Rock Jam “MULLET”

Dallas Remington is a Kentucky-born, fifth-generation farming family member who now resides in Nashville. She has a deep passion for life, her music, and her faith. One of Music City’s most promising rising stars and with the latest release of her single “MULLET,” a man’s hairstyle that helped define the 80s and early 90s, it’s sure to have everyone knowing her name!

Remington is a mixture of class and sass! That’s exactly what drew me into her music to start with. Dallas’s way of combining her rock and country roots with clever writing, remarkable musicianship, along with her raspy vocals make this the perfect song to blast while reminiscing about the ‘business in the front, party in the back’ haircut that appears to be making a comeback!

I recently spoke to Dallas about this sensational new single, asking her about her love of mullets and the how this song came to be created. She responded with...

“Y’all, I love mullets and that’s all there is to it. I grew up loving Billy Ray Cyrus, Joe Diffie, John Stamos, and so many more 80’s & 90’s mullets. Fast forward to spring of 2021, I was playing downtown Nashville and in one afternoon I probably saw 30 people with mullets and it was right then I knew they are coming back and I could not be more excited about it!” exclaimed Dallas Remington. “A couple of days later I was telling Megan and Greg about it and “MULLET” was born. Y’all get ready to relive some memories and maybe even bring your mullets back! Let’s make mullets great again!”

“There’s somethin bout them curls, get us girls

all riled up and rowdy on a Friday

1995 come back to life,

It’s like I’m lookin’ at modern day Billy Ray

Kentucky waterfall, Mississippi mudflap

I don't care whatcha call it

There’s somethin’ bout a mullet”

The track features the perfect mixture of banjo, electric guitars and three-time CMA Musician of the Year Jenee Fleenor sawing away on the fiddle. In addition to Fleenor, musicians on the single included Dave Ryan (drums and percussion), Curtis “Footz” Comack (bass), Corey Lawson (electric and acoustic guitar, banjo), and Alexa Slaymaker (background vocals).

“Dallas lit up when she started telling us about her love of mullets. I remember wanting to get colorful details in the lyrics such as mentioning Billy Ray Cyrus and referencing different hairstyles like mohawks and man buns. It’s a super fun nod to a special “hair-a” (era.)” shared co-writer, Megan Barker.

“This is a song that was born out of zoom pandemic writing. Megan had invited me to join her and Dallas this day. We were all throwing out ideas and Dallas tossed this one out. I think we all said “yeah” immediately. I remember the mullet craze all too well. Let’s just leave it at that!” added co-writer, Greg Friia.

Y’all this is going to be the perfect summer anthem! I have had “MULLET” on repeat since it released. It is a fun country song with just enough rock vibes that makes it one you can jam out to while you’re working, cleaning the house, driving down the road or at a party - whatever your’e doing, you just want to sing along and who knows, maybe even get a new hairstyle. Whatever it is, make sure you check out Mullet and add it to your Summer Jams playlist.

Thus far in 2022, Dallas has released singles “Dirty Roses,” a cover of the Morgan Wallen song “The Way I Talk” and of course her latest single, “MULLET" on ” May 27th. Watch for Dallas on the road in 2022 with more new music planned for release coming soon.

“Singing will always be a part of me. Whether I’m singing at church, on the street, on a flatbed trailer, or somewhere in Nashville, I LOVE EVERY MINUTE!”...DALLAS

Song Credits

Written by: Megan Barker, Greg Friia, and Dallas Remington

Produced by: Corey Lawson

Recording and mixing at Claw Sound Studios

Mastering by: Harold LaRue

To listen to “MULLET” on your favorite musical platform via smartlink click Here

To stay connected with Dallas Remington:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube

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