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Dallas Remington serves up revenge to "Steal Your Dad" on September 23, 2022

Dallas Remington, originally from Kentucky, can’t help but be a country singer. Her family of musicians goes back five generations, and she’s been performing on Nashville stages since she was 11. She started playing guitar when she was nine, and has since picked up several instruments including the bass. “Singing will always be a part of me. Whether I’m singing at church, on the street, on a flatbed trailer, or somewhere in Nashville, I love every minute,” she said.

Dallas’ prior releases have been on Music Row Breakout Charts multiple times, and her single “Princess” reached the Billboard top 40 in 2021. Even while her videos are going viral, Dallas continues playing at least 100 live shows a year. In fact, her band closed out the 2020 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo right before the Covid shutdown.

Her most recent song “Steal Your Dad” may sound like a punchline from a popular meme, but Dallas knows how to turn a joke into a great song. It implies, if you want my boyfriend, come and get him, because I like your dad better anyway.

The song opens with the classic country sound of a dobro and walking bass, then we hear Dallas’ unmistakable drawl. She tells us how the other woman flirted with her man and turned his head with her mini-skirt and her daddy’s money.

Since you stole my man, I’m gonna steal your dad

I know you think you don’t think you done anything bad

But I’ll show you real quick how I can prove you wrong

You’re gonna think it’s real funny when you gotta call me mom

I’ll spend what’s left of his life holding his hand

You stole my man, so I’ll steal your dad

In the second verse, she mentions their age difference but says she’d rather not have a boy anyway. She also says that she can marry for love and marry for money at the same time, but she’s definitely going to make sure she's married to the dad for the rest of his life.

After the second chorus, Dallas gives us a dobro solo that trades off and blends into an electric guitar solo over the same riff. It’s a fun effect to say, yeah, I may have started with one, but I can finish with the other. Kinda like how she refuses to be a sad jilted lover when she can be a trophy wife to a rich father figure.

During the bridge, she tells the other woman, “Don’t worry about your inheritance, I’m gonna make sure it’s well spent.”

Dallas always gives us lyrics that make us laugh, but she doesn’t let her sense of humor detract from her authentic music. Her songs may not be trying to change the world, but they sure make the world more fun. Meanwhile, she realizes the best revenge on a boyfriend temptress is to go “Steal Your Dad.”

*To Listen to "Steal Your Dad" click HERE

Song Credits:

Writers: Dallas Remington, Cyndi Limbaugh Torres, and Nancy Deckant

Producer: Corey Lawson.

Mastered by: Harold LaRue Mastering.

To Stay Connected with Dallas Remington:

Website Follow her social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok Watch her videos on YouTube

Download and stream her music on digital platforms:

Apple Music / iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and more.

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