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Feature Release: Ashley Rose Lilly releases Anaheim

Ashley Rose Lilly is a country artist and singer-songwriter originally from Beckley, West Virginia. Originally Ashley began writing and performing pop music but, has now crossed over to, and found a home in performing country music. She pays homage to her roots while maintaining her modern pop flair which, she hopes will pay tribute to older country music as well as push the boundaries of what new and modern country music can be which in turn, creates an exciting, honest, and unique sound.

Ashley elaborates on life experiences through her music and it is her own way of navigating the world around her. Each of Ashley’s songs have their own unique story behind them and she hopes others can find a part of themselves in those stories as well. Through her songwriting, sound, and stylization Ashley truly creates her own mark in modern country music and her new single 'Anaheim' is no exception.

Anaheim is written from Ashley's own first experience of true love. Irrespective of the time that went on, whenever Ashley was in the town of Anaheim, California, she couldn't shake reminiscing and being reminded of that individual 'when love was good but love was blind, in Anaheim'.

"The entire song is truly reflecting upon that and the pain, but also reminiscing on the good times and acknowledging those as well. When things end it can be easy to get bitter and some of my songs are about those feelings too, but Anaheim is different. It’s much more sad and vulnerable and acknowledging that has truly brought a lot of healing to me and I hope it does the same for others." [Ashley Rose Lily]

Instrumentally, Ashley has cleverly created a soft, angelic lullaby via the use of falsetto in the vocal and acoustic instruments, which together dig deep into the reflective emotions of the lyrical content. In the choruses, the light electric guitar riffs add an additional layer which is almost haunting... it effectively adds to the real emotion and power behind the song.

Listen to the song on your favourite platform here.


Songwriting: Ashley Rose Lilly

Instrumentation: Dan Bailey

Producing: Dan Bailey

Single Artwork: Ashley Rose Lilly

To stay Connected with Ashley, follow her on social media:

Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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