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Feature Release: Broadtree - "You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone"

Broadtree are a pop-country duo consisting of singer-songwriters Armand Antony & Nicole McCalerty. With a background in musical theatre, they have created a unique blend of stylized storytelling over a bed of catchy pop country, with subject matters that break the norms of the genre. Whether penning songs about racial equality or mental illness, the duo focus on putting a spotlight on communities often not seen in the country music scene.

You Only Miss Me Cause I’m Gone” is an upbeat, post-relationship anthem about empowerment, knowing your worth, and standing up for yourself - for anyone who’s had someone do them wrong! Jokingly reflecting on the ups and downs and the annoyance of one post-breakup plea to another, this song is a fresh, fun, joy-fueled summer jam. A pleasant combination of modern and traditional country music elements, which will perk the interest of a large collective of listeners!

Broadtree tells us their followers can look forward to both a lyric video and an official music video for the single to release in the near future. They appeared on "Talk and Tunes" with Stacie today so head over to our IGTV series to watch the replay of that show if you missed the live episode, where you can catch Broadtree's performance of their latest single and hear more about it and their musical careers!

To listen to "You Only Miss Me Cause I'm Gone" click Here

Song Credits

Written by Nicole McCafferty and Armand Antony

Lead Vocals: Nicole McCafferty

Backing Vocals: Armand Antony

Acoustic Guitars: Armand Antony

Electric Guitar & Banjo: Jeff Brown

Pedal Steel: Riley Himmrich

Bass: Jesse McCormick

Drum Programming: Armand Antony

Produced by Nicole McCafferty and Armand Antony

Mixed and Mastered by Sean Andrews

Publicist: Eric Alper (Eric Alper PR)

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