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Feature Release: Jacob Jones - "Son of a Military Man"

Driving with deeply relatable, poetic reflections on life & love, songwriter & artist Jacob Jones injects a fresh twist of gratitude into the classic values & twang of country music. Born & raised a military brat, Jacob Jones' journey has taken him across the country. From his roots in Alabama - through high school in Virginia - to the songwriting capital of the world, Nashville, his military background no doubt contributes towards his fearlessly appreciative mindset when songwriting.

Openly inspired to a strong extent by Eric Church, with Alan Jackson and George Strait also proving impactful, Jacob’s musical threshold knows no limits. Genre acts as a preference, not a barrier, with the likes of Aerosmith, Nirvana, and Guns & Roses also standing tall amidst his influences. In short, the central strength of his sound and his love for the art-form is undoubtedly the songwriting.

The new single "Son Of A Military Man" delves into Jacob’s unique upbringing in a military family. “I’m a from nowhere, lived everywhere, son of a military man”. There’s a deeply human core to the writing - and a soulful authenticity to Jacob’s delivery - these qualities together promise a catchy, recognizable and inspiring anthem for all families of the military.

A pure and traditional country track that expresses Jacobs' influences of the traditional greats. Impeccable instrumentation that neatly complements the sensitivity of the song and what Jacob wants to share as the 'Son of a Military Man' - from missing his Father, looking out for his Mother and praying for his safe return.

Jacob hopes the song will resonate with children of military personnel who may have had similar upbringings.

Learn More:

To listen to "Son Of A Military Man" click Here

Song Credits

Songwriters: Jacob Jones & John Alan Miller

Production: Andrew King at VibeKing Studios in Nashville, TN

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