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Feature Release: Tara Henton - Fishin' For Your Love

Born and raised in a small lakeside city in Ontario, Canada, Tara Henton has absorbed her father's love for the iconic sounds of Nashville, combining her electric song-writing style and captivating vocals whilst maintaining an unmistakable Canadian country ‘twang’. Taking influence from the likes of Loretta Lynn and Merle Haggard, creating and performing music became a crucial part of Tara's identity from an early age. This led to a Bachelor of Music degree from Queen’s University, a feature in a televised talent show in Nashville, and a finalist in the Kingston Country Singing Showdown (where the winner happened to be Avril Lavigne).

Following her move to the UK, Tara has immersed herself in writing and performing, teaching and collaborating with music-makers across the country. She has become well-known and adored by audiences for her charismatic stage presence and up-beat banter, combined with her authentic, honest and emotive performance.

'Fishin' For Your Love' is fabulous example of taking traditional country music melodies and lyrical content whilst introduction modern production that is most certainly going to have you tapping your feet... think Old-school Miranda Lambert and you're half-way there! Co-writer Kelly Williams had been working on the track, using a fishing metaphor for someone who had a crush and was trying to ‘catch’ love.

"She sang it to me, and I was immediately in love with the song. She told me that she received some feedback that the melody in the chorus and the bridge needed a lift, and asked me for some ideas."

I am very proud of my Canadian heritage...I have so many wonderful memories of fishing with my family as a child and it's a huge part of our way of life. I'm a Kenora girl through and through, and although I live on the other side of the pond now, I haven't forgotten my roots! I wanted to release the single on Canada Day to honour this."

Release Date: Friday 1st July (Canada Day)

Visit Tara's Website here.

Song Credits

Songwriters: Kelly Williams, Tara Henton

Vocals & Backing Vocals: Tara Henton

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Austin Moorhead

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