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Featured Release: Rob Fitzgerald - Good Ole Country Song

Rob Fitzgerald is a country singer-songwriter blending the musical roots from many styles and influences. Rob's talents have enabled him to perform many shows across the country while also making multiple television show appearances. He is currently partnered with AMG Publishing (Toronto), which has allowed his music to be distributed to 750,000 restaurants and bars across North America. Rob has also secured multiple sync licensing deals for TV with the Discovery Network, NASCAR Channel, and many other networks/TV shows.

Rob’s brand new single ‘Good Ole Country Song’ is hot on the heels of his successful single ‘Another Town’ which received airplay to country radio across the US and Canada. The track aims to bring 'dance floor fun' with a foot-tapping up-tempo beat and traditional country instrumentation in the form of fiddle and pedal steal.

Lyrically, the track reminds people that sometimes we just need to break down our lives to the simplicity of what we need...just a 'Good Old Country Song'. A feel-good song that will definitely get you on your feet, forgetting about the difficulties and getting lost in the moment...

"What we need right now is a good ole country song

It don't matter if you're rich, it don't matter if you're poor

Or the guy that gets the girl or the one she kicked out the door

We're all here for a good time just like everybody else

So if you wanna know, Better let it go

And do somethin for yourself"

With his newest release, a tour, music videos, and follow up releases already scheduled, 2022 looks to be a strong breakout year for this country artist you won’t want to miss.

Song Credit:

Written by: Rob Fitzgerald

Produced and Recorded in Nashville

To listen to “Good Ole Country Song” click Here

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