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Gareth Lewis lets go of "Things You Love the Most"

Hailing from Swansea, Wales, singer-songwriter Gareth Lewis has been working in music most of his life.He learned to play guitar as a child and formed his first band when he was in high school. He started writing songs and worked in several bands, but when he started playing dobro, his writing and performing style shifted into an Americana mode. His songs have been finalists in Nashville’s International Songwriting Competition twice, as well as used in commercials and played at the Homeless World Cup in Cuba. Gareth has received regular airplay from Planet Rock Radio and became a regular A-list Artist on BBC Radio Wales with multiple singles. He’s also performed in cover bands touring in the UK, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, and the Netherlands.

His latest song “Things You Love the Most” is about dealing with grief. Gareth says, “I’m not sure that grief is something you ever overcome, but it’s definitely something we can learn to live with, which can get better with time. My family had experienced something traumatic and this song was my way of responding to and processing what had happened.” Gareth hopes that his listeners will find comfort and love in this song.

The song opens with full instrumentation featuring an electric guitar playing a melody. When Gareth begins singing, the production stays lush. His lyrics are full of images as he mentions gravity that confronts your life, a photograph washed onto the shore, and losing your grip as you scale a wall.

He adds harmony and vocalizations on the chorus, making the song sound even fuller.

If you sit and watch the setting sun

And listen to the angels hum

And ride along upon a tidal wave

If you make your peace with the Holy Ghost

And free yourself from the whipping post

You’ll learn to lose the things you love the most

The second verse comes out more like a challenge, telling us to choose a life where we can be bold enough to pursue our dreams. He reminds to hold our loved ones close and don’t let them go, and that feelings last, so don’t be afraid to confront those feelings.

There’s an instrumental break after the second chorus, featuring an electric guitar solo, before Gareth repeats the chorus. It’s a great effect to have the middle of the song match the beginning and the end, showing a continuity in the music to parallel life continuing. It’s refreshing to have music that doesn’t adhere to the recent trend of changing the melody slightly or singing the first two lines of the third chorus without the instruments. Gareth just keeps the song steady.

The song is not slow, by any means, but it’s not a song that makes you want to grab a partner and dance. Gareth is creative enough to step out of the formulaic box and write from his heart. His lyrics encourage us to reach inside ourselves and think about the “Things You Love the Most.”

Click here to listen to “Things You Love the Most

Song Credit:

Writer: Gareth Lewis

Performers: Gareth Lewis, Stefanie Drexler

Keep up with Gareth at:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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