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Getting to know Brenda Cay on “Talk and Tunes”

Nashville recording artist and singer-songwriter Brenda Cay has received several accolades throughout her music career. For instance, her 2020 release "Fragile Like a Bomb" EP, garnered 12 licensing deals and had two tracks featured on Apple Music Hot Tracks (Country). Brenda was nominated for Song of the Year in 2019 at the Josie Awards for her single, “Joe,” in the Americana/Bluegrass category. Brenda is also a member of ASCAP, AMA & The Trop Rock Music Association.

Brenda kicked off the show with her single “Alone with you” that she released in early 2021. She told me “I started writing this in Nashville when my husband and I had been at a writers round at ‘The Listening Room’. We got back to our hotel room, went to bed and I woke up about 2 o'clock in the morning with my husband laying beside me sound asleep, it was like he was there but yet I was all alone and that sparked the song idea about a one sided relationship where you're more into the other person than they are into you. I kind of like the play on words I did with this piece.”

Brenda’s passion for music started at a young age with piano lessons, then playing the flute in her high-school marching band, however she then went on to become a CPA. It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that her love for writing would not leave her, so she decided to go back to songwriting and follow her dream. She got a guitar and took some lessons, but for the most part, she taught herself to play - but in the most interesting way. Brenda had a melody in her head and wanted to write a song, so she went to her guitar teacher saying “I have a song that I want to write and I have this melody in my head, I have the lyrics, now show me how that comes out on the guitar.” That is how her lessons continued to be, unusual but they proved to be successful.

About 4 years ago, Brenda wanted to focus on her voice, fine tuning it, learning how to better care for her instrument, therefore seeking out a voice coach. She like many other artists, feels this benefited her greatly with her vocals in honing in her ability of storytelling. Brenda focuses on country music and her songs are crafted with subtle hints of pop, rock, and R&B which reflect influences from artists Kenny Chesney, Terri Clark and Sara Evans. She states, “Sometimes there’s something deep on my heart that I need to share and other times there’s a shot of whiskey begging me to tell it’s story with a fun melody.” Escaping the stresses of daily life and having fun are common themes, but she is unafraid to tackle more serious topics.

Her songs are relatable, just like her 5 song EP “Love or Dreams” that was released on April 1st, 2022, Brenda ended the show with the title track from that EP. Click the following to read the “Love and Dreams” Blog or to hear the Song

Brenda says, “I’m ready to serve up my songs to the world and will continue working with other artists and bands on their song material. I love to engage with my fans and hope that my listeners will get to know me through my songs and enjoy the ride with me as a writer and artist. Just remember not to wear your sunglasses at night.”

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