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Brenda Cay's "Love or Dreams"

“Love or Dreams” by Brenda Cay

is the title track to her EP which released April 1st 2022.

The song tells a story about choosing between the person you care about or chasing your dreams. Lyrically the song tells a very raw story that many of us can certainly relate to, especially in terms of timing just not always being right. Musically the song has a simple yet effective drum track and some tasteful harmony lines. The blend of harmonies truly adds a beautiful emotional tone to the song and creates a certain level of intimacy with it. The electric guitar break between the chorus and bridge is very beautifully done and really allows one to sit with the lyrics and meaning. After the bridge the song takes time to slow down and then bring the instruments back in again creating beautiful, deliberate, and thoughtful dynamics which really adds something special to it. If you have ever had to choose between a relationship or following your dreams this is definitely a song for you. Truly a wonderful piece that then finds resolve when she ends up actually not having to choose her love or dreams, and the story cleverly comes full circle.

Click here to view the "Love or Dreams" video.

"Chasing my dreams is easier because I have a partner who loves and supports me, but that in turn makes it harder when I have to leave him behind to follow my dream. The “Love or Dreams” video captures the struggle of choosing between my two loves. I wanted this song and video to portray a strong woman who can have her career and love. I think the line in the song that sums it up best is, "I've walked miles in my own shoes, still it’s a muddy path I choose"." - Brenda Cay

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