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“Ghost of You” by Dove Ties

“Ghost of you” by Dove Ties is a “heartbreaking ballad about lost love, regret, and loneliness.” A fun fact about this song is that everything was recorded remotely using instant messages to send files and ideas.

“Not who you used to be

I was tired

I was lonely

and I wish you would hold me

I know it was such a bad thing to do

I was in love

with a ghost of you”

“Ghost of You,” while remaining a ballad is quite rhythmic. The perfect sad slow dance song or jam along. It’s rhythmic percussive nature gives the ballad an extra creative flavor. The contrast of the make and female vocals give an extra layer to the storytelling while finding a common ground and at the same time contrasting as if two former lovers having a shared experience. With guitars reminiscent of the sounds of John Mayer “Ghost of You,” is your perfect country, chill, heartbreak ballad-anthem.

Song credits:

Performed By: Donna-Marie Songs, Dove Ties, Patrick Jordan,

Written By: Donna Marie Onions, Patrick Jordan

Source: Climbing Mountain Records

To listen to “Ghost of You,” click Here

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