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‘Hurricane Highway’ slows it down bringing us “Baby I Do”

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Amazing things have happened for multi-award winning band Hurricane Highway in their short few years together. From a chance meeting in a pub, singer Ed Holland and guitarist Kevin Collins recorded their first single ‘Your Man’ in 2014. It received great critical acclaim and very quickly became a radio hit. The band plays a style of American Country Rock that appeals to a lot of people. Based out of the West Coast of Ireland, they have been creating ripples in the industry which have become waves recently.

The first single, “Baby I Do” from their latest album is an obvious choice for a wedding dance.

Opening with mandolin and strings, Ed Holland's smooth vocals come in describing memories they have shared together, then launching into the chorus

Baby, I do love everything about you

Don't want to wake up without you

Don't want any other lips to kiss you

Or any other heart to miss you

Don't want nobody else walking down the aisle

Under that veil, I want to see your smile

I know what i'll say when the preacher looks my way

And asks me if i want to marry you, Baby, I do

The second verse maintains the strong and steady rhythm describing a strong relationship. They understand each other, and he wants to continue sharing life with her. The harmony comes in to emphasize good things about being together. When he sings "Take my last name, want you for my wife, to have and hold, heart and soul," you know he means it.

The sentimental lyrics don't get bogged down because the tempo keeps the sound from becoming sappy. The crash of the cymbals serves as punctuation to the declaration of Baby I Do. The constant mandolin riff unites the sections with electric guitar solo to the end with subtle acoustic guitar strums and vocal harmony.

Couples dancing will love the tag at the end, where he can spin her, after they've stood in front of friends and family saying their own Baby I Do. Well done Hurricane Highway! A beautiful love song, but not overly done. I predict this to be an extremely popular wedding song this upcoming season and on the playlists of many lovebirds, whether their dating, engaged or already married.

To listen to “Baby I Do” click HERE

Song Credits

Writers: Ed Holland, Kevin Rowe, Nancy Moser

Label: Kick Ass Music

Publishing: Hurricane Highway, Frontrowe Music, Opportunes

Producer: Ryan Rossebo Nashville

To stay Connected with Hurricane HIghway:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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