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Jacob Jone’s “Son Of A Military Man” is RT66’s ‘Song Of The Day’ for 5-26-2022

Jacob Jones is an Alabama native country artist and has lived in other places such as Virginia throughout high school and Nashville. He is openly inspired by some of the greats such as Eric Church, George Strait, and Alan Jackson. Jacob is driven by “…deeply poetic reflections on life and love….” Coming from a military family, Jacob's song “Son Of A Military Man” is just another example of Jacob giving us a reflection on his life. “His father, an active member of the Navy, along with Jacob's unique upbringing serve as the inspiration for the song. Jacob hopes the song will resonate with children of military personnel who may have had similar upbringings.”


I was a young American drifter

From home to home

Like an Oklahoma twister

Wasn’t easy

Times were tough

But I’m thankful

Cause it made me who I am

I’m a from nowhere lived everywhere son of a military man”

Instrumentally the song has a classic country feel with a modern twist. Jacob’s voice fits perfectly in his narrative songwriting. “Son Of A Military Man” is a truly breathtaking piece and is a beautiful tribute to the military through his lived experience.

Song Credits:

Writers: Jacob Jones, and John Alan Miller.

Produced by: Andrew King at VibeKing Studios in Nashville, TN

To listen to "Son Of A Military Man" click Here

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