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Jacob Jones joined me on “Talk & Tunes” 5-26-22

Nashville-based country singer-songwriter Jacob Jones joined me on “Talk and Tunes” Thursday, May 26th to talk about his latest release “Son Of A Military Man” and so much more. Jacob is a self-described military brat from everywhere but strongly claims roots in Alabama where his grandparents live to Chesapeake, Virginia where he graduated high school. With Jacob’s nineties-style lyricism & musical progressions, along with his ability to write intentional story-focused songs, he is most assuredly one to watch in 2022.

Jacob kicked off the show with his just-released above-mentioned single “Son Of A Military Man” stating he wanted to write a song honoring his father who has served in the United States Navy for 31 years but not in a way that so many other military-type songs have already been done.

Growing up, Jacob tells us he did play sports, specifically a love for baseball, and ran cross country and track while in college. As far as music, he admits he first got involved because he thought it would help him “to get the girls” however later he sincerely developed a true passion and obvious talent for singing and songwriting. While Jacob’s musical styling is undeniably country, he draws influences from George Strait and Eric Church to the likes of Aerosmith and Guns & Roses.

Jacob closed out the show with his March 2022 release of “Black & White,” a timeless and romantic love song. With two amazing releases already this year and more to come in the coming months, we will see the build-up towards a long-awaited full-length project. The album, expected in 2023, will showcase the very best of Jacob’s re-ignition of the heartfelt country flame, and will

no doubt further secure his role within the future of the genre.

To watch this episode of “Talk and Tunes” click Here

To listen to "Son Of A Military Man" click Here

To listen to “Black & White” click Here

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