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Jacob Jones - "Black & White" released March 11, 2022

Updated: May 29, 2022

Jacob Jones, a self-described military brat from everywhere, though he claims roots in Alabama and Virginia is a country music singer-songwriter now residing in Nashville, TN. Jacob is most assuredly one to watch in 2022. Earlier this year in March, he let us know why with his release of “Black & White.”

I had the pleasure of having Jacob on our Rt66 Talk and Tunes show recently, therefore I completely immersed myself in his music discovering this gem. I found myself being immediately captivated by the simplicity yet timeless lyrics of this beautiful love song. It transported me back in time, to a period in life when everything just seemed to be a little less complicated.

“I watched this old-time movie with bogey and Bacall

What they found in Casablanca really said it all

That kind of love is gone with the wind and I'd like to go back there again

Back to innocence and wonder

Back before TVs came in color”

While I was speaking with Jacob about this George Strait style predicted classic, he shared with me his inspiration for this tune, stating “I was laying in bed at 3 o’clock in the morning at my grandparent's house in Alabama. I saw a Casablanca movie clip and got to thinking about how times have changed, even the love stories on TV aren't really realistic anymore, how they make love out to be something that it’s not. I was raised to believe that love is meant to be a lifetime commitment and not just a heat of the moment kind of thing. But after sitting on the idea for a couple of months, I brought it to my buddies Jan Buckingham & Steven Cade and they helped me get some valuable perspective on the song and make the song what it is today. You know I’ve had some rough relationships and I still have hope that I can find that type of love and that's what I hope people take away from this song - is that you don’t have to settle and that there’s a lot of folks out there that still believe in forever even though it’s trying it’s best to go away.”

“I want a love that's black and white not 50 shades of grey

I wanna know it feels so right that you'll never slip away

I wanna love you every morning and never miss a night

Like a bride and groom on their wedding day, I want a love

I want a love that's black and white”

Some songs have a bridge while others do not necessarily have the need for one. “Black & White” is one of those that just seem to come together better with one. While you first think of black and white as merely just the title - within the bridge, it is used as more of a comparison between the couple…

“We'll be hot and cold young and old

We'll laugh we'll cry be wrong and right

I just want a love”

“Black & White” is one you want to check out and is a must-have on your love songs playlist. Just one of a series of singles geared for release throughout the year building towards a long-awaited full-length project. The album, expected in early 2023, will showcase the very best of Jacob’s re-ignition of the heartfelt country flame, and will no doubt further secure his role within the future of the genre.

Song Credits

Written By: Jan Buckingham, Philip Jacob Jones & Steven Cade

To listen to “Black & White” click Here

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