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Spotlight Artist of the Month (May) - Jacob Jones

This Month's Spotlight Artist is 'Son of a Military Man', Jacob Jones

Driving with deeply relatable, poetic reflections on life & love, songwriter & artist Jacob Jones injects a fresh twist of gratitude into the classic values & twang of country music. Born & raised a military brat, Jacob Jones' journey has taken him across the country. From his roots in Alabama - through high school in Virginia - to the songwriting capital of the world, Nashville, his military background no doubt contributes towards his fearlessly appreciative mindset when songwriting.

Openly inspired to a strong extent by Eric Church, with Alan Jackson and George Strait also proving impactful, Jacob’s musical threshold knows no limits. Genre acts as a preference, not a barrier, with the likes of Aerosmith, Nirvana, and Guns & Roses also standing tall amidst his influences. In short, the central strength of his sound and his love for the art-form is undoubtedly the songwriting.

Get to know the artist of the month

Hometown and fun fact about it or what it’s best known for?

As a military kid I never had a true hometown as my new single talks about. However, I always have considered Chesapeake, VA to be my home of sorts since that’s where I lived when I graduated high school. Chesapeake is such a large area but the thing I always think about is how many different fishing spots to go there between the ocean and all the rivers and lakes around there.

Most memorable musical moment?

My most memorable music moment was probably in Ocean City Maryland in 2021. I was super sick with and had a run of 4 shows in four days but with a combo of cough medicine and jack Daniel’s I made it to this final show. I still felt awful and wasn’t sure I was gona be able to do it but I got up on stage anyways and wound up being one of the better shows I played. the crowd there was so cool and supportive. I probably spent two hours just talking to fans after and some of them to this day still come see me play whenever they are close to where I’m gonna be.

Most embarrassing/unexpected musical moment?

I would say the most unexpected music moment for me was my second month living in Nashville. I was playing a show in Midtown and I looked up and saw Chris Young in the audience and I almost forgot the words to the song I was singing cuz I was so shocked. However I managed to not let it effect me too much and never missed a beat outside of that one brief second. Wound up meeting him a few weeks later but never mentioned I saw him in the crowd where I was playing.

What's a random or fun fact we may not know about you?

One thing folks may not know about me is o was a former college athlete before I dropped out to pursue music. I ran cross country and track at the University of Montevallo.

What's next following the release of “Son Of A Military Man” ?

Don’t wanna give too many details away about my next release. I do have it on the books though it’ll be out in August. Its the same country sound I feel like draws folks to my music but it’s not the kind of song they would expect me to release. Think it’s gona surprise a lot of folks in a good way. If you’ve ever been to my live shows you’ve definitely heard it. I like to say it’s for anyone who’s ever had the worst day of their life because it’s ok because it was for something good that was about to happen.

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