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Lizzie Cates blames it on the "King of Hearts"

Lizzie Cates was raised in Reno, NV, where she grew her imagination by writing and teaching herself to play both guitar and piano before she hit her teens.

When her first single won an ISSA award, she bought a one-way ticket to Nashville to focus on making her music dreams come true. Since then, she’s been playing in venues around town and opening for touring acts. She’s been recording her original songs and making her fairy tales come to life.

Her newest song, ”King of Hearts,” was written years ago when Lizzie was reading Alice in Wonderland and carries some of those images into the lyrics. She also plays on the image of a house of cards falling down, and refers to him as the cause of it all because of his masquerade.

The first verse says that she was looking for her heart and fell down the rabbit hole, getting lost in Wonderland, where she met him. She mentions that the world is strange and magical, and we start visualizing her as Alice wandering around confused but happy at the same time.

Here I go falling like a house of cards

Who are you? Are you the king of hearts?

It’s my castle walls that you’re breaking through

And no one can save me now

I’m holding tight, as I fall for you

Hope I learn to fly on the way down

In the second verse, she continues the theme about being lost in Wonderland, as he maintains his masquerade. The fun song is danceable but not corny as it references some of the images from this classic story.

In the bridge, Lizzie changes the melody slightly when she refers to love as mad and dangerous, and crazier then it seems, but he is so beautiful that it doesn’t matter. Her pure voice makes you question all the confusion surrounding her, and the musical interlude sounds like swirls around her.

The song ends with the opening lines, showing how the relationship continues in a spiral that led to her getting lost in Wonderland, all because of the “King of Hearts.”

Song Credits:

Writers: Lizzie Cates, Nate Teel

Produced by: Robbie Artress

Coproduced: Lizzie Cates

Robbie Artress: Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Electric Guitar, Church Bell

Gideon Klein: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar Solo, Drums

Gabe Klein: Piano

Jonathan Galleti: Banjo

Matt Wynn: Harmonies

To Stay Connected to Lizzie Cates:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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