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Lizzie Cates releases the perfect romantic comedy song called the “The Romantic”

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Rt66 Country Music does things a bit differently and maybe that's why I connected instantly to Country-Pop Singer-Songwriter Lizzie Cates, originally from the "biggest little city" Reno, Nevada. It’s definitely her quirky and fun-loving personality that makes her a stand out in the sea of other artists chasing their dreams in “Music City.” That side of Lizzie comes shining through in her latest release “The Romantic!”

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of knowing Lizzie for a little over 2 years since she first appeared on the Rt66 show and then helped me put on a virtual writers round. It was during that writers round that she performed “The Romantic” and I was utterly hooked! I remember thinking, YES! That's exactly what we all are looking for in love, that old time classic romance. The way it was back in simpler times before everything got so complicated. Lizzie has often said she loves to write songs about her feelings, that make people feel less alone. Crafting her own fairy tales and love stories is something that just seems to come naturally for her.

“I went into my co-writing session with Davis Branch and Andrew Capra. These are two of my favorite co-writers. Andrew Capra and I are huge fall lovers and it was a gorgeous fall day. Capra showed up wearing a matching hat to me. We got to talking about our favorite movies and we both mentioned how much we love classic throwback 80s movies. We then got to talking about how relationships today are nowhere near as romantic as they used to be. No one walks up to the person’s door and walks them to their car on a first date. Things end way too quickly. I miss when forever actually meant working hard to keep it. I said let’s just bring back the romantic in everyone. Davis was like “well there’s our song”. We wrote it pretty quickly. It’s by far one of my favorites that I’ve written!”

“I want that last scene,

Raining when you kiss me,

Give me cinematic, that

Old Hollywood magic”

“Fashionably late, dressed to the nines

Like we were born in a different time

You’re Clark Gable and i’ll be Grace Kelly

Dancing around in a vintage dream…”

I have to agree with Lizzie - it’s my favorite too! She stated she had written the perfect song for a romantic comedy. It does have that certain “Friends” or “Sex in the City” vibe to it. With Lizzie’s cheery and beautiful voice along with the upbeat though not overdone instrumentation, it most certainly is an attention grabber. Lizzie’s voice and style are often compared to Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne but it’s her catchy melodies and ability to connect with her audience on a relatable level that keeps fans wanting more. With her multiple releases to date, Lizzie has not disappointed her fans.

To listen to “The Romantic” click Here

To see the official lyric video click Here

To stay connected with Lizzie Cates

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Song Credits:

Writers: Lizzie Cates, Davis Branch, Andrew Capra

Produced by (mixed): Andrew Capra

Mastered by: John Naclerio

John Naclerio also mastered the following singles for Cates: “I Like the Way”, “Christmas Eve” and “We Can't Be Friends”

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