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Louise Parker might be "A Little Bit Drunk"

Louise Parker is originally from Essex, England, but spent a few months living in Nashville to gain some insight and give her music some country flare. Her songs have been at the top of the iTunes Country Charts. This year she’s back touring in the UK at festivals and opening for larger touring acts.

In her newest song, “Little Bit Drunk”, Louise shares a story that lots of us can relate to. She opens with admitting to being a little bit drunk, and asking if he can come pick her up. In the first verse, she mentions the lies that he told, but she mostly remembers the way she fell in love with him. She wants to reconnect and revisit those places in his arms. Yet, she still has questions.

The keyboard and electronic beat lends itself to a fun sound, then the background vocals and acoustic guitar come in at the chorus.

But if I drunk dialed your number, would you pick up the phone?

I know I should know better and leave well enough alone.

But could you tell me the truth, are you better off without?

Oh Henry, I’m a little bit drunk, can you help me out?

In the second verse, she sounds confused as she’s asking him to be the hero to fix her broken heart, saying that he’s the one who broke her heart in the first place. She wants to ride off into the sunset with him. But she wonders again, would he even take her call?

When Louise repeats the chorus, she changes the lyrics slightly and adds that she’s been counting the days since she lost him. She knows it’s not healthy, and it doesn’t help her to obsess about him, but she still loves him despite him saying that he’d never be faithful to her. She ad libs the melody as well to indicate that her thoughts and moods are changing as she’s picking up the phone to call him.

Louise’s clear voice hits high notes easily without sounding like she takes herself too seriously. She can show her range and pop style while adding a Nashville charm. She’s a great singer and a good writer. On a personal note, I wonder if she intentionally referenced American writer O. Henry (pen name of William Sydney Porter), or if she just named the song’s antihero Henry because of the rhythm of the lyric.

The song ends with her ultimate question and no instruments behind her – can you pick me up? Fortunately, she’s not driving, since she’s a “Little Bit Drunk.”

Song Credits:

Writer: Louise Parker

Producers: Louise Parker, Paul Hepworth

Keep up with Louise at:

Artist Website|Instagram|Facebook

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