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Mike Mont Tells Us How to "Take It On Slow"

Mike Mont grew up in Tennessee, and like many country artists, he began singing in the church. He started writing lyrics when he was a child, which lead to writing songs once he taught himself to play guitar. He released the first of his three singles in 2021 and has more music coming soon!

Mike states, “I’m not in this for fame, money, or for the follows at all. I do this because this is what I grew up hearing and seeing in the old scene of Nashville, the actual grind of Nashville. For me, I’m just an artist with a dream of having my songs being played by small town kids like me growing up, who are hoping to become musicians themselves someday."

From a snare drum march that leads into a southern rock electric guitar solo as an intro, you know "Take It On Slow" won't be just another country song about a truck, even if the opening line is about a rusted Chevy.

Mike sings about his evening with the girl of his dreams, and you can just picture them parked by the lake, listening to Johnny Cash and George Jones in the truck bed.

She says, drive a little faster,

Then I ask her what she's doing later on

When the stars come out after sunset on this pasture

Get to moving things along

With my country girl rebel, got my foot on the pedal

Out here , where we're all alone

Got no where to be, yeah no where to go

Slide over to me, we're gonna take it on slow

Mike choses his words carefully, using multiple rhymes in his lyrics. He keeps the song singable and lets you know he doesn't take himself too seriously.

In the bridge of the song, when it's time to leave their parking spot past the no trespassing sign, he holds the word "Drive!" and the whole mood changes. You get the sense she really yelled at him to drive faster!

When he repeats the chorus the next time, it's like he's asking where they are going to drive now since they lost their favorite spot for the evening. The electric guitar matches the feeling of the song, and Mike's great voice makes you want to ride around with him.

You know it's going to be a fun adventure, except you really don't want to interrupt his night out with his girlfriend as they "Take It On Slow."

To listen to “Take It On Slow” click Here

Song Credits:

Writers: Mike Mont, Sarah Morey

Producer: Drew Smith

To stay connected with Mike Mont:


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