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“My Promise” by Rob Riser “Song of the Day” April 26, 2022

Rob Riser’s “My Promise,” is a love song written in a style reflective of some of the great country singers such as George Strait. “My Promise” is about promises that Riser is making to his future love. He begins the song by making promises to his lover to always be there, to be strong together, and for his feelings to never change. The song begins softly and very melodically, almost like a lullaby. When the chorus hits and more instruments are brought in, such as electric guitar, the promises he is making seem to become progressively more passionate to be the best man he can, and even cherish his future love like a George Strait love song. Which I found to be an amazing reference since Riser listed George Strait as one of his influences during our interview. Not only is “My Promise” about love in its lyrics, but even the build of the song is truly reflective of love beginning slowly and softly and then building into something passionate, undeniable, and absolutely true. This is a truly heartfelt piece and is definitely a song everyone should hear. This would also be the perfect song for a first dance at a wedding. Riser has such a way with words and utilizing his vocals to convey the emotional depth of many of the great country singers of the past who still remain timeless today.

To Listen to “My Promise” click HERE

Song Credits

Written By: Robert J. Ruark

Source: Riser Records

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