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Rob Riser joins Ashley on “Talk and Tunes” Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Updated: May 3, 2022

I so enjoyed getting to chat with Rob Riser today. Not only is he an exceptional songwriter, but also a fantastic singer and guitar player. I found him to be incredibly relatable, insightful, and he has an absolutely vibrant personality that truly shines through, not only in this interview, but in his music as well. Rob began the show by playing his latest release “My Promise,” which was inspired by some of the classic love songs and artists like George Strait. Additionally, he says it was written during a time of being single, based on the way he wants to love someone in the future.

Rob tells us some about his background. Originally from New York, he stated he was drawn to music because of the “power it has to affect people.” Rob found this to be very profound as he went through his own experiences growing up and tells us that music truly saved his soul and can really impact people very positively. Now he hopes he can have that same positive effect on others. Now living in Nashville, Rob is truly living the dream. Not only is he performing actively on a regular basis, he also has performed in some awesome writer's rounds as well as recording and releasing his original material.

When talking further about his songwriting, Rob says, that he picks up inspiration from a lot of different things. Often his songs are not about just one specific person or thing, but a multitude, which I found quite fascinating, to bring a wonderful and diverse perspective to lots of topics. Rob also uses pen and paper to physically write during his songwriting process which I think is really cool. He tells us he doesn’t keep a diary, but in a way, his songwriting notebook he supposes could be like one. I couldn’t agree more, because truthfully, writing songs are about as personal as it gets.

As we continue our conversation, Rob offers great insight into the industry, especially the songwriting side. We talked about how many songwriters simply write to write “hits” and things they think the public will like, but how in that sense songwriting has lost a lot of its personability and artistry. Rob writes straight from the heart and it truly shines through in his work and all he does. Alternatively, he draws inspiration from rock music, which you pick up on in his music through his vocal stylings and guitar playing. His country and rock side find an amazing balance together creating his own unique brand of country music. Through his country twang and powerful vocals as well as his usage of electric guitar solos Rob has found an absolute sweet spot in his music and we are so loving it!

His next single “Get Down Girl,” is set to release next month on May 13th and is available for pre-save now! He tells us that it is a fun song for the ladies to go out and dance to and “shake it for YOU.” He closed out the show with a performance of that song and it is an absolute banger so if you’d like to hear it now, before it release - be sure to go watch the replay of this episode with Rob.

To watch this episode of “Talk and Tunes” click HERE

To Listen to “My Promise” click HERE

To PRESAVE “Get Down Girl” click HERE

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