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Nora Tirell’s Latest Single “If Only I Knew” Released June 10, 2022

Nora Tirrell is a Nashville based singer-songwriter. Her songs are her stories and her poetry, in which she takes great joy in carefully crafting each one of. Nora tells us that her latest release “If Only I Knew,” is about “a difficult relationship, but not a romantic one. It was born out of this frustration over a toxic person that I've tried to satisfy all my life but have always failed in keeping a healthy relationship with. There's a feeling of continually trying to find a way to make things right with this person but never quite being able to do it because once you realize that a narcissistic person never changes, you also realize that you cannot maintain a healthy relationship with them. Having hope that people will change because you try to see the good in them doesn't mean they will, and that's when you have to move on.”

“I’ve been climbing up mountains of you

And I don’t know

What else am I supposed to do

But it’s been a couple months now

And I’m still lost in how

I could climb up mountains of you

If only I knew”

This piano based ballad combined with Nora’s gentle yet strong vocals give added emotion and emphasis to the meaningful lyrics of the song. “If Only I Knew,” truly captures the essence of being in a toxic cycle with someone rather it be a non-romantic relationship like the one Nora is singing about or even a romantic partner. Though based in Nora’s personal experience, the song goes beyond that in finding a commonality of the human experience that most individuals will experience at one point or another with a person. “If Only I Knew,” reminds us that we are not alone in our experiences and is the perfect song to listen to when going through a difficult time with someone.

Song Credits: Nora Comfort Tirrell

To listen to “If Only I Knew” click Here

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