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Ronny Criss drives it home at "Ten and Two" in his new video

Ronny Criss was born in Forrest City, AR and raised in Chicago, and now lives and works in Nashville. His breakout year was 2021 when he released four singles and three videos from his debut album “Highways” that was recorded in the famed Blackbird Studios in Nashville.

His newest video “Ten and Two” is a driving rock anthem, with the title based on old driving school instructions to keep both hands on the steering wheel at ten and two, like the positions on an analog clock.

The video opens with a siren and view of an ambulance driving at night, and the soft focus implies a light fog over the city. The next scene is Ronny on stage at a Nashville venue, singing “Ten and Two” with a live band. A scene showing Ronny driving at night follows, and the camera’s view of the downtown sidewalk goes by in fast motion. It’s a cool effect to show that not everything is safe, and not everything moves slowly.

We also get a chance to see Ronny walking on the sidewalk, carrying his guitar to another Nashville venue. There’s a hustle and bustle feel to the people he passes on the sidewalk, both when he’s walking and as he’s driving around the city at night.

When he starts the first chorus, he’s playing guitar in the back of an open trailer parked in front of some neon venues downtown. It’s fun to see him experiencing the city different ways at night -- from the driver’s seat, on the sidewalk, playing inside a club, and playing outside on a lit-up trailer stage. It’s got the whole feel of Nashville at night.

Got a soul that’s running on empty

Got a heart that's running on fumes

In a world that's made to run all over you

Pulling me on every side, drifting through,

Lookin’ to stay alive, between the lines

I read the signs and all I’m trying to do

Is hold the wheel at ten and two

When the guitar solo takes over, the camera superimposes footage of the band on top of the sidewalk scene going in fast motion. It’s like they are telling us, it’s gritty and unpredictable, but kind of fun and dangerous at the same time.

Ronnie says, “Ten and Two is a song about the stress, temptations and dangers of this world which surround us and overwhelm us at times and how we can feel like we're just hanging on to wheel at 10 and 2 in an effort to navigate safely through it. All the shots of me walking and singing in the streets or driving through the streets at night help sell that feeling of loneliness and isolation in a mysterious and uncertain world.”

Even when life throws obstacles, it’s good to have some advice to lean back on. Ronny maintains his sense of control, doing what he can to keep his hands on “Ten and Two.”

To watch the Official Video of "Ten and Two" click here!


Writers: Katie Cole, Shawn Byrne, and Ronny Criss

Vocals: Ronny Criss

Backing Vocals: Katie Cole

Acoustic Guitar: Ronny Criss

Electric Guitar: Shawn Byrne

Bass & Keys: Bryan Clark

Drums: Rob Mitchell

Producer: by Bryan Clark

Music Video Producers: Ronny Criss and Brandon Norwood

To Stay Connected with Ronny Criss:

Artist Website|Instagram|Facebook

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