Rt66 is going to The 8th Annual Josie Awards!

What are The Josie Awards and why am I so excited about it, you may be asking? Well let me tell you all about it. For Independent Artists and little ole media outlets like myself they are everything! They are like the CMA's or the Grammy's are to the mainstream because they cover all genre’s of music, not just country.

The Josie Music Awards is a brand of The Josie Music Association, LLC owned by the highly-respected partnership team of Josie Passantino and Tinamarie Passantino. The Josie Music Awards is the largest, all-genre, privately-owned, independent music award show globally since its inception in 2015. This team set out and successfully created an award show where winners are selected on their talent, skill, material, professionalism, and more and NOT by button pressing voting. Nominee suggestions go through a lengthy review process by a team of industry leaders and the official nomination list is created from their final decisions. Winners are also selected by this industry leader deciding panel.

The Josie Music Awards is an all genre music award show ceremony which includes a lavish red carpet and many performances. Since its inaugural celebration in 2015, the Josie Music Awards was, is, and remains the largest independent music award show globally. Certainly, the most gala from the red carpet to the breathtaking venues the award show has been held in such as The Gaylord Opryland Resort "The Springs" building and the world-renowned Schermerhorn Symphony Center Concert Hall, The Nissan Stadium (all located in Nashville, Tennessee) , The Celebrity Theater in Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee), the Country Tonite Theatre (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee), and this year at The Grand Ole Opry House (Nashville, Tennessee). Thousands of people from around the globe attend such as independent artists, songwriters, record labels, talent agencies, promotion companies, producers, engineers, management companies, press, music industry businesses, family/friends/fans, spectators, and more come out each year to enjoy the performances, award recognition, and the elaborate celebration. There is nothing else like it in the independent music industry.

The Josie Music Awards was created solely to celebrate those in the independent music industry that work so hard every day and deserve to have a night of their own. This night is not only a celebration, it is also an outstanding way to connect with others in the industry and be seen by some of the top names/companies in the business. The connections and networking that develops from this special weekend each year cannot be beat! This daughter/mother team has been highly respected in the independent music industry since the start of their talk show (The Josie Show) in 2009. Now the Josie Music Awards is a part of 14 total brands owned by Josie and Tinamarie. No other program comes close to the quality of the Josie Music Awards.

I will of course be sharing more about this wonderful experience in the coming weeks as plans unfold, and of course while I am there. Hopefully, I will get a chance to share some live footage, exact details are still being worked out. I do know that no filming is allowed during the awards ceremony. And of course, I will have tons of fun from the weekend to share with you once I return.

So as always - be sure to stay tuned to Rt66 - cause you don't want to miss this!

Narrative Citations 2022 - Get To Know The Josie Music Awards! (also referred to as The Josie's or JMA's) https://www.josiemusicawards.com/about.html

The Josie Network of Brands is a daughter/mother partnership

Josie Passantino, Co-Owner/Brand

Tinamarie Passantino, Co-Owner/COO

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