“Rust” was Voted May 2022 -Week One- “Song of the Week” by Walker Montgomery Fans & Rt66 Followers!

22 year old Walker Montgomery was raised in Nicholasville, KY, but like so many other rising country music singer-songwriters, he now resides in Music City - Nashville, TN. “Rust” is a fantastic single from Walker’s sophomore (6) song EP with the same name title that was released on March 25, 2022. The other songs included are: My Hometown’s Fault; Blue Eyed Blue Jean Gone, She Don’t Know, Out of Nowhere, and Bad Day To Be A Beer. Rust” is steadily climbing the charts with over 60,000 streams on Spotify alone in just over a month!

Montgomery states “I am beyond excited for everyone to hear this new music. We have been working for almost two years now to get just the right songs together for this EP, and I cannot wait for everyone to hear how my music has grown and evolved over these past few years."

Walker has a sound all his own, modern, yet reminiscent of the traditional 90’s country artists like Brooks & Dunn and Alan Jackson. When I mentioned that to him, he told me that he has been working to hone in on just 'what his sound' was and feels like he is finally there. Also, that we could expect a lot more of that 90’s throwback country feel good music on upcoming releases.

“I want my music to stand the test of time and connect with people no matter who they are. I learned from my family that the way you do that is by being true to yourself, and that’s the reason I’m here. That’s the reason I get up every day and do what I do – to help take care of the family name and make them proud.”

Walker feels that sense of pride with “Rust” and why it became the title track. He actually held on to that single for almost 2 years before adding it to the EP. That particular number was the most fitting for the title because of the references about his hometown and the picture used for the cover art, looked rustic, so it all just kind of made sense, he told us.

"On the chain link - In the back yard

Hit the home run - Who’s gonna go it

Daddy’s Chevolet, on the tailpipe, creeping up the sides

Won’t ever forget it - On the screws of the screen door

Patina score board - If I had to paint the place I grew up

Huh - I think i'd color it - Rust"

Walker told us he has had a lot of fun playing this one out on the road so far and that “we get a lot of head bops, it’s kind of got that groove that they [the crowd] can just kind of flow along to.” The instrumentation on this track itself has both melodic electric guitar and powerful drum rhythms that give it a nostalgic sense of driving down country roads. You will singing along and jamming out to this tune for sure. It’s already on my playlist and my prediction is that it will be a summer anthem for 2022.

To listen to "Rust" click HERE

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Song Credits:

Writers: Ashley Gorley, Nicolle Galyon and Brandon Lay

Produced by: The Peach Pickers

Sources: Play It Again Entertainment

Round Hill Music

Warner Chappel Music

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