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Taylor Lamborn's “Brittle”

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Cleveland, Ohio's Taylor Lamborn's song “Brittle,” is an absolutely beautiful piece with lyrics that express the pain, beauty, and fragility of the human experience.

"Brittle" is the second song off Lamborn's most recent project - a live raw acoustic album 'One Take Series" due to release in late April. Taylor states "It's a commentary on humanity, the battle so many of us face between being honest and content with oneself in our reality and the desire to be some unattainable perfected godly version of ourselves". Her sound on this particular tune (as well as the first single of this album "Fine") resonates with the folk music movement of the 60s. Taylor not only draws you in with her sultry storytelling voice but she keeps you hanging on to every word. This hauntingly beautiful piece is certainly a song that you will not want to miss. With its unique chord structures and strong lyrics, it is a true masterpiece.

Recorded and mixed by Tuck Mindrum, and shot by Bobby Daggert (Producers of the One Take Series) Click Here YouTube Video of Brittle - Warning: Explicit language

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