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Dustin Saylor shares his "Sunday Morning Breakfast" (Song of the Day for Sept 13, 2022)

Dustin Saylor grew up in a small town in Northern California, learning piano and guitar and singing in church. When he was in high school, he began leading worship for his high school youth group. He’s also been writing songs the whole time, sharing his stories about his life.

In 2019, Dustin was featured in the Country Summer Musical Festival in Santa Rosa alongside some of country music’s biggest names. In 2021, he was getting so much radio play that 93.7 The Bull listed him as an up-and-coming artist.

Dustin's latest song “Sunday Morning Breakfast,” tells about enjoying life with his wife and daughter. The song opens with a drum beat and the melody played on an electric guitar before we hear Dustin’s southern drawl tell us how the sunlight reflects in his daughter’s smile.

It’s been cold and lonely for so long

That’s until you came along

Because you see me for who I am

And behind those eyes is where my life begins

I don’t want anyone else by my side

Yeah, you’re the one, will you be my bride

The second verse mentions how he must be dreaming to have a life and a love like what they have together. Dustin repeats the pre-chorus lyrics that it’s been cold and lonely waiting for her, then launches into the music we’d recognize as the chorus. It’s a fun effect, letting the lyrics of the chorus feel like a continuation of the previous thought, the second half of a sentence. There are no starts and stops in life together, just waking up and beginning a day together again.

After the second chorus, we get an electric guitar solo to add to this rocking song.

Dustin repeats the chorus twice again, and we get a full boost of harmony with the vocals standing out in front of the instruments. This catchy tune would be a great two-step, but it feels more intimate than dancing with strangers in a club. This is a solid love song, happy and looking forward to a life together.

He ends the song with the first line, Sunday morning breakfast, made just right, showing that life continues without starts and stops.

Click here to listen to “Sunday Morning Breakfast

Song Credits:

Writer: Dustin Saylor

Producer: Jackson Allen

To Stay Connected to Dustin Saylor:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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