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The Kentucky Gentlemen have us smiling and "Vibin'" (Song of the Day 9-20-22)

Originally from Versailles, KY, twin brothers Brandon and Derek Campbell personify their duo’s name of The Kentucky Gentlemen. The men grew up singing in church, taking classical piano lessons, and learning keyboard beats with their older brother Quinton. They were raised on 90s country and R&B, with some Disney music thrown in for fun.

During college, Brandon moved to Chicago and Derek moved to Bloomington, IN. Following those years, they realized they should merge their talents and pursue a musical career in Nashville, so they both moved there in 2013. When their mother referred to them as “my Kentucky gentlemen,” they knew what to name their duo.

The Campbell brothers have been featured on CMT, and Rolling Stone referred to The Kentucky Gentleman as compelling commercial country and their previous release “Whatever You’re Up For” as a Song You Need to Know.

Each brother has a distinctive voice, and the skill set to be a frontman in his own right, but the two together bring some magic to the table. Their song “Vibin’ ” focuses on the memory of a young love, living in a world where nothing matters except being together in the moment.

The song opens with a noticeable melody on a guitar and a strong beat, and Derek sings the first two lines solo and Brandon sings the next two. The lyrics tell about two kids driving dad’s old wagon like it’s a red corvette, stealing cigarettes, and being up to no good. When they hit the chorus, the harmonies kick in, with some echoes at the ends of the lines.

Staying out past 2, feeling high as the moon

Didn’t know who I was, but I knew you

Yeah we were vibin, stylin’ and profilin’

Every moment spent it on you

It was cosmic, hit me like a comet

Flying down Honeymoon Avenue

Yeah we were vibin’

The second verse is full of more harmony and addresses the memories of cheap booze on Friday nights, saying it felt right even if it wasn’t perfect. They mention that they’d love to be able to rewind and relive those moments when “We were young, dumb, and tough, and that was enough. We were so naïve, we were so in love.

After the second chorus, they repeat some lyrics with a new melody for a bridge. Brandon shows us what kind of high notes his tenor voice can hit, and Derek’s strong baritone balances out the bottom end. They launch back into the chorus with some ad-lib vocals added for a joyful effect.

The whole song is fun, and you can’t help but smile as you think about the times in your life when you were with your friends out “Vibin’

Click here to listen to “Vibin’

Song Credits:

Writers: Brandon Campbell, Derek Campbell, Kyra Hunter, and Laurin Hunter

Producer: Tom Dupree III

To Stay Connected With The Kentucky Gentlemen:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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