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Sarah Louise releases "My Beating Heart"

Sarah Louise is an artist and singer-songwriter from Essex, England, a city of a million people near London. Her goal is writing and performing fun music that her audience can relate to, using her soft tones and delicate harmonies to make people happy. Sarah Louise has been nominated for the UK Country Music Awards Album and Artist of the Year and was previously a finalist in British Country Female Vocalist of the Year at the BCMA awards.

"My Beating Heart" opens with a sweeping keyboard and simple guitar strum, and builds like the new relationship she is describing. She talks about when they first met and how she feels, wondering if there really is a magic to them together.

It's like every little part of me

is connected to all of you

What do i do with all this emotion

What do i do with my beating heart

I don't know where all this will end

But i know where I want it to start

There's a happy feel with consistent banjo undertones, and a beat that makes you bounce in your seat if you don't get up and dance.

After the first chorus, the second verse strips away the instrumentation and puts her clear voice against a simple guitar, stating that people can get hurt when they fall in love. Then the next line brings out that happy feel again of the drum beats when she says she knows she'd regret not giving it a try.

Sarah Louise sounds like a trained singer with clear consonants, and no indication of an accent. She adds three part harmony on the end of the bridge, complete with a beautiful high note to grab attention to the lyric, then launches back in to a subtle version of the chorus before the banjo and drums return for a repeated chorus. She adds new back-group vocals to the last chorus, then slows the tempo at the end to remind us that she knows where she wants it to start. It's a perfect ending for a song about beginning.

To listen to “My Beating Heart” click Here

Song Credits:

Songwriter / Performer: Sarah Louise

Producer: Mark Wickenden

To stay connected to Sarah Louise click HERE

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