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Savannah Jaine relives with "Joshua (Apt 34)"

Savannah Jaine splits her time between New York City and Manchester, UK. She started singing on America’s Most Talented Kid television show, then made a career singing on cruise ships and in high end hotels. Always up for an adventure, she not only sang for her supper, but also hostel lodging throughout Europe. In 2019, she joined a band in Dubai, which led to her forming a partnership with guitarist Lee Meadows and earning an artist residency in Ibiza, Spain. During lockdown, she married Lee and performed live streams and TikTok concerts together.

Savannah’s new song “Joshua (Apt 34)” is a sweet tribute to her best friend when she had first apartment in New York. The song opens with a recording of what ended up being the last voice mail he left for her. The simple guitar and subtle drums keep the song moving, and Savannah’s trendy voice keeps the song from sounding sad.

The lyrics mention how he had furniture and friends, and he got Savannah her first job there. The song is not just based on her life, but is literally her story. She even included details like how Joshua carried her mattress down the street when he was moving her in.

I was just finding out who I was back then

But I knew I’d be okay with a little help from my friend

Oh I only have happy memories

Wishing I was there once more

The calm before the storm was so serene

In our old apartment 34

As her story about her relationship with Joshua unfolds, we realize that it’s not a happy ending. She shares that Joshua was not afraid to die, and she admits that she couldn’t continue living in the city that took his life. As she repeats the chorus, she sings that she had no way to know it was the last time they’d share life together, in apartment 34.

Savannah shares that she wrote this song on the sixth anniversary of his death, as a way to help her grieve some more. He has major health issues, so it was not unexpected, but she was out of state working when he passed and was unable to be with him.

Joshua (Apt 34)” adds some bells over the guitar toward the end of the song, as it builds into the third verse. Savannah never sounds sad, reinforcing that she’s reliving only happy memories when she thinks of Joshua and the time they lived together in New York.

The song ends with Savannah realizing that even though she frequently recalls their happy times, she can never make more memories with him. He’s gone, and she’s a million miles away from that apartment they shared, yet she still missed in the apartment with the broken door and glitter on the floor, #34.

Click here to listen to “Joshua (Apt 34)

Song Credits:

Songwriter: Savannah Jaine

Arrangement: Lee Meadows

Producer: Chris Hope, Milkshed Studios in Lancaster

Find Savannah at:

Artist Website | Instagram | Facebook

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