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February "Spotlight Artist" of the Month

Ashley Rose Lilly is a modern country singer-songwriter originally from the small town of Beckley, West Virginia. Raised on a combination of MTV and bluegrass music Ashley brings a modern and unique take to country music through fashion and lyrical perspectives. Now living in California, Ashley is pursuing her musical dreams wholeheartedly. Her latest release “The Whiskey Tapes,” is a combination of homage to traditional country music with a drastically modern take, especially with her sassy lyrics and wit. The concept of the two-song duo written by Ashley herself was inspired by how old records often had an A-side and a B-side. For the first song “Mr.Whiskey and Coke,” Ashley’s inspiration for the song comes from the observations she made of certain men at a line dancing club she likes to frequent. The second song “Whiskey Drinkin Song” she says “speaks for itself.” Her next single “Anaheim” is much more somber than her previous release with the whiskey tapes. Though she doesn’t go into detail she tells us that it is a very sentimental piece about love and loss and is deeply personal to her. “Anaheim” is set to release on the 25th of this month. Ashley states, that she is very excited about everything else that is to come and all of her new musical ventures.

“The Whiskey Tapes” were written by Ashley Rose Lilly and produced by Dan Bailey. The Cover art photo was taken by John Paul Romero.

To learn more about Ashley, see our About Page here or go to click here

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