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Tom Cary explains why “I Can’t Breathe” in his latest single!

Tom Cary has been shaping British country music, bringing a hard-hitting and smooth soulful sound. Tom uses his music to help others, like donating the proceeds from his single “Give A Little” to help the National Health Service during the lockdown and volunteering with Children in Need for several years.

His last two singles topped the UK Country iTunes Chart and received some international attention. Tom was nominated for both UK Male Country Artist & UK Country Artist of the Year at the 2022 UK Country Radio Awards.

Tom’s newest release “I Can’t Breathe” is a soft and intimate song, showcasing his authentic voice. Embellishments aren’t needed as simple guitar picking backs those emotionally wrought vocals. When he comes to the chorus, a subtle piano and slide guitar are added. The minimalistic accompaniment matches the mood of the song.

I can’t breathe when you hold me

I can’t breathe when you touch me

I can’t breathe when you tell me

we can’t live again

I can’t breathe when you touch me

I can’t breathe when you tell me

the same lie that’s believed in tonight

The music has an almost gospel feel, as his vibrato lingers over the lyrics. It feels so intimate. Even when the electric guitar solos over the melody, the song retains that raw honest feel. You can sense that you’re eavesdropping on a private conversation between lovers, as he’s telling her I can feel it in my heart, but I know this can’t be more.

The lyrics don’t tell us her perspective, whether she’s feeling the same way, or if his love is one-sided. Leaving out those details, I believe helps more people relate to this song since they can probably remember similar moments in their own lives. But his honest delivery, as he almost pleads with her, makes it pretty clear that he’s afraid their love is a lie. You completely understand why he tells her “I Can’t Breathe”!

To Listen to "I Can't Breathe" click HERE

Song Credits:

Written By: Tom Cary

Produced By: Gareth Young

To stay connected with Tom Cary

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

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