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Tony Luke Jr. pleads for "One More Night" in his new video

From Philadelphia, PA, Tony Luke Jr. is a songwriter, actor, and celebrity chef who wants to change the world through songwriting and music. Since losing his son in 2017 to addiction, Tony has been focusing on creating hope and support for people dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

Tony says, “I picked up the pen and started pouring my grief into music. I started sending the songs to my dear friend and multi grammy award winner Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo, and we decided to take my songs and start our 501c3 foundation The Sound Mind Network.” All of the proceeds from his newest song “One More Night” will be used for suicide prevention.

The video for “One More Night” opens with Tony’s hands playing piano on a beautiful melody. His clear voice joins, and the song doesn’t need anything else. The camera shows Tony from different vantage points, but there are no costume or lighting changes, making it look like a live recording filmed in one take. The intimate ballad doesn’t need any embellishment.

In the second verse, a cello and light guitar blend into the piano accompaniment. We never see the added instruments, but again, seeing them would only distract from the heartfelt moment.

At times, Tony looks at the camera, and other times he sings with his eyes closed. The choice to exclude other people is brilliant, demonstrating that grief is something you walk through alone. He writes the lyrics as a conversation to his late son, which makes the song relatable to those who have lost someone they loved.

Can I have just one more night, so I can say goodbye

Can I hold you just one more time, so you don’t slip away

My life aint what it used to be, I feel so lost inside

Just give me one more night to say goodbye

Can I tell you one more time how much you mean to me

To hear your voice and see your smile, are now just memories

My life aint what it used to be, I feel so lost inside

Just give me one more night to say goodbye

There is a lovely and emotional piano break, where Tony looks down and allows himself the space to grieve. When he begins to sing again, he emphasizes that "I won’t stay lost inside. In me, I feel your light." He ends the song by making it plural, saying that "love will give us one more night to say goodbye." It’s a universal plea, always asking for “One More Night.”

To watch the official video for “One More Night” click Here!

To Listen to "One More Night" click Here!

Song Credits:

Writer: Tony Luke Jr.

Produced By: Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo and Justin Bandalon

Source: Heart Songs Music Group

To Stay Connected with Tony Luke, Jr:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Apple Music | Spotify

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