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“Vintage” is Rt66’s ‘Song of the Day’ for Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Liam Coleman is a country music singer-songwriter originally from Charlton, Massachusetts, now residing in Nashville. With deep tones and a distinct gravel to his voice, he is certainly one to watch in 2022. Liam finds influences in traditional legends such as Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley in addition to some of today's best modern artists such as Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen and Hardy. Liam is currently signed to Marathon Talent Agency in Nashville TN and recently took on Peter Strickland, former music executive at Warner Nashville Records as his manager.

“Vintage” is Liam’s latest release and, much like its name, has a vintage, classic country tonality through both its instrumentation, classic storytelling, and vocal styling. The lyrics tell us about various older, vintage items such as a faded 1993 sweatshirt and an old truck that is rusted and can’t be driven. Telling these stories behind those vintage items that may have otherwise been overlooked, truly gives the listener an understanding of their sentimental value as well adds to the meaning of the song.

“Grandpa let me play them vinyls - Dylan, Hank and Cash were just my style

I still play that guitar my daddy gave to me

He bought it back in high school - it was mine when I turned 16

You may think I’m old fashioned - but Vintage is cool to me”

This piece reminds us deeply of the importance of family and passing that down to another generation. Liam uses the vocal tones and stylings of traditional country artists while maintaining his own modern and unique flavor…truly paying homage to what is seen as vintage in the modern day and how that looks.

To listen to “Vintage” click HERE

Song Credits:

Writers: Liam Coleman and Payton Lucile Howie

Source: Marathon Records

To Stay connected with Liam Coleman:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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