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AC Jones returns to Rt66 with new husband Michael Boris as Country Duo “Arbor North”

AC Jones has been on Rt66 multiple times, actually from the very beginning back in March 2020 for our Virtual Writers Round. I’m delighted to have her back today with her husband Michael Boris, together as “Arbor North” - as they talk to us about their journey both personally and musically.

By now, we have all read or heard their story of how they met, fell in love and got married, which is outlined in their debut release “All The Right Mistakes” and “You, Me and Jesus”, in which they blessed us with their wonderfully blended voices, performing both live during the show.

However, I wanted to know how they

came about the name for their duo of “Arbor North,” so AC later explained it to me…“Our name, Arbor North, is rooted in the idea of distance and time (two key phrases that we use to define our relationship) as we were long distance for the duration of our dating and engaged relationship. An arbor is the spindle that an axel, wheel, or gear rotates around, and is a component of clocks and pocket watches, among other things. This is a nod toward timing, and how we feel that the timing of our meeting was divinely orchestrated. “North” is a nod to the fact that we were both raised in the northern states of Ohio and New York, and also implies an “upward” or “positive” direction.”

Since the topic of the show was “love”, we had to talk about their passion for all things “Star Wars.” During their IG Takeover, they shared quite the array of collectables that they have gathered, such as salt & pepper shakers, coffee mugs, cookbooks, boardgames and my personal favorite - the Grugu bookend! We talked about other random things they love to do but I’ not going to spill all of that here, you’ll have to go watch the show on our IGTV or wait for the podcast episode to come out.

To read more about the beautiful songs that the pair sung on todays episode, see the adjoining blogs about “Arbor North.” Their next single “You, Me and Jesus releases tonight at midnight, Friday May 6, 2022 - Be ready for that one, it’s going straight on my playlist for sure.

To watch this episode of “Talk and Tunes” with “Arbor North” go to our Instagram IGTV series and/or be on the lookout for the podcast edition right here on our website.

To listen to “All The Right Mistakes” click HERE

To watch "You, Me and Jesus" Video click HERE

To stay connected to Arbor North:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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