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Adam Krum’s “5 Lake Town” is RT66’s ‘Song Of The Day’ for 08-09-2022

Adam Krum is a Pacific Northwest based country artist taking on the west coast by storm! He has sold out Seattle shows and is coming up in the wave of country rock music. His music has universal themes to the human experience and the varying phases of life we all go through. The inspiration for his song “5 Lake Town” comes from his hometown which he says is hands down the “best place to be in the summer.”

I absolutely loved listening to this song as it is very reminiscent of the simple times of growing up in a small town. In our lives so many of us move away from our hometowns, but it’s always a place we can remember fondly and call home and Adam so perfectly captures that in his song.

The instrumentation is both relaxed and summery while still having rhythmic driving forces through its drums and guitar lines. This is a great song to blast in your car with your windows down. Bonus points if you’re driving through your hometown!

In this 5 lake town

You can throw your anchor out

Yeah we ain’t even done yet

When we see the sunset

Riding the wake in the moonlight

Land out of sight

Where the world slows down

In this 5 lake town

Adam captures so much relatability of coming from a small town, even referencing how one change in a small town might be a “Schooners goin away turns into Chick-fil-A,” but the memories remain the same. This line really captures how small towns often stay very much the same along with the memories being alive and well. There may be a small change here and there, but it is minor compared to the crazy city lives that many become accustomed to after moving away.

The song also makes references to being known and knowing others like the “whole gangs here” and “small town fame” because in small towns that’s how it goes and it’s a nice feeling to know and be known and that’s something special to small towns. Whether it’s a small town in Tennessee or somewhere out west, Adam honors small towns universally in this song.

To listen to “5 Lake Town” click Here

Song credits:

Written By: Brittany Knott, Talor Nash, Ryan Sorestead and Shantaia

Stay connected with Adam Krum:

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