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Donny Van Slee shares “Spencer’s Song” all day long

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Florida native Donny Van Slee is an actual working Nashville musician. Since he was old enough to perform, he played cafes and bars in his hometown. He graduated from Chiropractic college in Florida, then completed his internship in Colorado, stopping in Nashville along his route home each time. Once he could, he moved to Nashville, and now he fronts bands and plays solo shows all around town.

His newest single “Spencer’s Song” is releasing Friday, September 9, 2022. Spencer from the song title is a successful Nashville musician who kept her day job, which Donny teases her about. He first recorded this song on his phone and played it for her in his truck to make her laugh. “She was actually working on her laptop when I played it, which made the moment ten times better. The draft was nothing great, but it was enough to get her laughing again,” Donny said.

The song opens with a happy strum pattern on an acoustic guitar, and you know right away it’s gonna be fun. It’s the kind of song that doesn’t take itself seriously, with no hidden meaning or agenda.

There’s just not enough time before you close your eyes

Gotta sing a song, gotta sing a song ‘til people start to sing along

But Spencer’s got a day job, she can’t sing yeehaw all day long

Spencer’s got a day job, can’t sing yeehaw all day long

Yeehaw all day long, Yeehaw all day long

Steel guitar and light cajon percussion round out the production, and the song maintains its happy feel throughout. Some recordings are so overproduced, you don’t expect the artist to be able to perform it live without missing something, but not Spencer’s Song. You can imagine sitting on a barstool in a pub and singing along to the simple lyrics and having a great time.

I bet you’ll be humming the hook to yourself later today, singing yeehaw all day long.

To listen to "Spencer's Song" click HERE

To stay connected to Donny Van Slee:

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