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Ash Harrison's "Norman" was her debut release back in October 2021

Ash Harrison is a country music singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, CA that feels as an artist, being able to express her emotions through songwriting, singing and art allows her to let go of painful experiences and heal from the past while turning them into something beautiful.

With those beautiful, classic country storyteller vocals and instrumentation Ash released her debut single “Norman” in October of 2021. She was inspired to write about a stuffed elephant that was given to her, to help her with her panic attacks caused by past traumatic experiences that led to her being diagnosed with C-PTSD. Ash personifies these experiences with this stuffed elephant, “Norman,” that she was left with.

“Norman, you help me sleep at night,

but you scare me when I turn off the lights.

You’ve got a real sweet side,

but you sure do have a lot to hide.”

Throughout the verses Ash continues to give further insight into this stuffed elephant and how she has conflicting feelings about it and not knowing what to do with Norman. Ultimately Ash turns the pain she has gone through into this wonderful piece and creates something beautiful from hard times. This was the perfect first release for Ash Harrison as she is a huge mental health advocate and wants to help others through her music and her nonprofit “Be The Light Ministries,” including “Project Norman.”

Song Credits: Ashley Harrison

Produced by: Dylan Maloney

To listen to “Norman” click Here

Stay in touch with Ash Harrison:

Project Norman | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook

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