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Ash Harrison wants him to "Hate the Ground" in her new song

Ash Harrison from Lewisville, NC, and now living in Los Angeles, wants anyone who survived trauma, particularly domestic violence, to know that you can be strong enough to stand up for yourself. She uses her music to spread her message of hope and teach others to find their voice.

She’s the president of the nonprofit organization “Be The Light Ministries, Inc”, a certified advocate against domestic violence and mental health. She wants to inspire others to find their own Heaven on earth and change their darkness into light.

She says her new single, “ 'Hate the ground' was written to empower not only myself, but others to speak out and not care what other think about that. So many times survivors are left with no justice, abandoned, doubted and ridiculed. This song is my justice song, and I hope this song will be that for many others.

The bold song opens with a blues electric guitar riff and her clear voice takes over. She sings it like an anthem with a solid conviction. This woman is not too proud to tell the truth, even if it's hard.

This ain’t revenge, ‘cause I don’t need it

There ain’t nothing you can say that will change a thing …

My daddy didn’t raise a doormat, Momma didn’t raise a saint

You get the highway or the shotgun, I’ll be just fine either way

For all the times you convince me that I’m the crazy one

Today you’re right and I’m wrong, ‘cause one way or another,

You’re gonna hate the ground I walk on

The first verse says she’s washing her hands of his last name. By the second verse, she’s saying that she woke up mean, but she’s tired of being afraid of him. He ain’t worth it.

After a rocking guitar solo following the second chorus, she changes the mood a little and adds a vocal effect, saying “You think it’s dark right now, well it’s darker underground.” She launches back into the chorus with just drums backing her strong vocals.

She shows how she can sing high notes without sounding frilly, and her confidence and power come through perfectly. It’s exactly the right sound to represent the emotion she’s dealing with as she flips the narrative of her life and makes him “Hate the Ground” she walks on.

Writers: William C. Bates, Ashley Harrison

Electric/ Acoustic Guitar: Tim Galloway, Sam Hunter

Bass: Tim Marks

Drums: Matt King

Keys: David Dorn

Producer/Mixing Engineer: Dylan Maloney

Studio Engineer: Chris Utley

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