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Ashley Rose Lilly brings us her "Perfect" song (Song of the Day 8-18-22)

California singer-songwriter Ashley Rose Lilly was born and raised in Beckley, West Virginia, and grew up surrounded by her family’s bluegrass and folk music. She started singing in her dad’s band while absorbing the music she watched on MTV in the early 2000s. Her family moved to California when she was in her teens, so Ashley initially began her career as a pop singer. When she switched her focus to modern country, she says, I have been able to truly hear my voice and embrace my country girl roots and the city girl I am at heart.”

Her latest song “Perfect” is a great example of her rocking country style. The first verse features Ashley’s strong vocals with her own harmony and a steel guitar playing in the windows between the lyrics. She sings about how her relationship ended, and that she should have known better, but she always thought he was perfect. In a twist of phrase, she says that the relationship was perfect, just not the kind of perfect she had hoped.

Perfect storm, fit of rage, perfect lies to my face

Perfect terrible book, perfect burn every page

Perfect horrible timing when you can’t catch a break

Perfect bad day, perfect bad day

Was it really worth it? No, but we were perfect.

In the second verse, she calls their relationship a perfect disaster, saying that she’s hurt, but she did learn her lesson. She swore she’d never become “that girl,” but she did anyway. She adds extra background vocals to echo her lyrics and hold some key phrases out longer when she repeats the chorus the second time.

Then without missing a beat, she changes the lyrics and sings the chorus again.

Perfect tears on my face now when I hear your name

Perfect keeps me awake, perfect drives me insane

Perfect wish I would have listened when they tried to warn me

Perfect mistake, perfect heartbreak

She continues singing to the punchy drumbeat, then adds a bridge with a slightly different melody while keeping the momentum going. She adds more new lyrics,

Perfect crime, perfect lies, perfect total devastation of the worst kind

I thought you were the perfect guy, now I’ve become the perfect vision as I cry.

When she returns to the original chorus, the instruments drop out so you can focus on her voice for two lines. The drums lead back into the pop rhythm, and she launches into the end of the first chorus and all of the second chorus.

While the lyrics are heartfelt and sad, the music never goes in that direction. She maintains her spunk and keeps the music catchy. It’s a different kind of “Perfect.”

To listen to "Perfect" click here!

Song Credits:

Written and performed by: Ashley Rose Lilly

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