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Ashley Williams pays tribute to her father with “More Than A Memory” released on May 27, 2022

South Georgia native Ashley Williams has always been destined to sing, surrounded by and involved in music her entire life. She is heavily influenced by soulful storytelling with some of her inspirations including Miranda Lambert, Ashley McBryde, Taylor Swift, and Sugarland. She is ready to make her debut in the country scene.

“More Than A Memory” is “an intimate look into Ashley’s life as she struggles with the loss of her father. This song is heartbreakingly relatable to anyone who has lost someone they love. This song serves as tribute to her late father and inspiration, Larry F. Williams.”

“I’d give anything to hear your voice again

Sometimes it hurts so bad to love’s the only remedy

This life without you is driving me insane

I’d change the world

I’d sell my soul for you to be

More than a memory”

“More Than A Memory” gives the listener a raw glimpse into the pain and grief of losing a loved one. Each instrument used supports Ashley’s stunning vocals without distracting or taking away from a single word that is being said. This piece truly pulls at the heartstrings of the listener and perfectly verbalizes the feelings of loss and desperation that we have all felt at one point or another, but may not know quite how to form into words. Using her own pain and experiences, Ashley brings meaningful storytelling and beautiful melodic healing to all who listen.

Song Credits: Ashley Williams

Produced by: Stephen Leiweke

To listen to “More Than A Memory” click Here

Stay connected with Ashley Williams:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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