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Ava Paige’s “Even Jesus Cried”

Ava Paige, a 16- year old country music artist from Nashville, TN has been writing songs since she was just a little girl and playing guitar for over 8 years now. She has a beautifully unique way of conveying emotion and telling stories through her music, really getting your attention with her meaningful lyrics. Ava has already had several music industry awards including Best Singer/Songwriter in the 2019 Nashville Scene Reader Poll. She has also secured a standing gig at The George Jones since she was 13 years old.

Ava did hit a life-changing obstacle in her career when she was diagnosed with leukemia just before her 15th birthday. When this happened the Nashville community took notice and rallied around her, doing everything possible to help one of their own. Since reaching remission Ava wanted to give back and help others, especially children - so she started her own charity called “Pick’n and Kick’n Cancer With Ava.”

Ava is a truly remarkable young woman and musician in every sense of the word. She has co-written with some pretty amazing songwriters in the industry including Charles Esten who co-wrote her latest single, which was released on April 20th, “Even Jesus Cried”. Stacie told me about having Ava on Rt66’s “Talk and Tunes” show and how much she was captivated by this song, that it left such an impression on her that she never forgot it and was ecstatic when she heard Ava was releasing it. She said she truly resonated with the lyrics.

“This world ain’t perfect - it can break your heart - but we all try, to show how brave we are - Yes I’ll be fine - Yes I’m ok - but that's just what we say - to cover all the hurt we have inside - but that's our foolish pride cause - Even Jesus Cried.”

Ava’s voice is euphonious and conveys emotion with every word. The song speaks of being imperfect and struggling in an imperfect world but finding peace within by reminding oneself that even the strongest man, Jesus, also cried. This is a thought-provoking, comforting song to listen to. One that I believe has and will continue to bring emotional healing to many, with its understanding of pain, though still offering so much hope. Ava’s instrumentation choices are aesthetically pleasing with strings giving a stunning touch without overpowering the vocals. I highly recommend that everyone stream and listen to “Even Jesus Cried” You can do that HERE

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