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Bree Jaxson is always "With You"

Born and raised in Baltimore, Bree Jaxson always planned on a military career. The Air Force Captain credits her high school ROTC and her mentors there as giving her the desire to serve. Bree lives in Nashville when she’s not deployed, and works on her music when she can.

She met her husband when they were both serving in Afghanistan, and she says she’s traveled most of her children’s lives since their dad retired and stays home with them now. During her deployment, she remembers a phone call home to her 7-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. She always stresses that she is with them, even when she’s not physically home. After that particularly tearful conversation, she wrote the lyrics to “With You.”

"I really wrote it for them," she says. "I almost didn't release it because I just wanted it to be something for them. But then I thought of all my friends who are in the service and anyone else that must be away from their children for work or for whatever reason."

The song “With You” serves as a love letter to her children, reassuring them that they will always have their mom.

The song opens with a solo piano, and then Bree’s voice joins. Instruments are layered slowly, and the production remains subtle. Her lyrics discuss how the day is dark and nothing seems to be going right. When the hurt becomes too much, remember that you’ll never be alone.

I’ll be with you when you’re looking in that mirror

Thinking that it’s true, that you won’t make it through

When the tears start falling, I’ll be there my darling

When you don’t know what to do, I’ll be with you

The second verse mentions that it’s time to get up and move on. She admits that it’s not fair, and it’s easier said than done, but she promised that you don’t have to be alone. No matter what you do, she’ll be with you.

After the second chorus, Bree takes some vocal liberties and repeats the title line. Her versatile voice makes high notes seem easy, and her full register is so pure. She alters the last chorus slightly, by saying the mirror on the wall is not true, and you will make it through.

The production has a full range of instruments, and the synth carries the arrangement throughout. The song ends with just Bree and the piano, like the song begins, reminding us that she is “With You.”

Click here to listen to “With You

Songwriter: Bree Jaxon

Keep up with Bree at:

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