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Bri Fletcher featuring Jake Hoot with the release of “There’s Still Tomorrow”

Jake Hoot is an American Country singer-songwriter from Cookeville, Tennessee. At the age of 31, he won season 17 of The Voice. He has developed a mass growing of followers, is adored by a little girl who calls him daddy and does a beautiful duet with his wife Brittany. But on his latest release, he is featured with Bri Fletcher, a singer-songwriter from the Dallas/Fort Worth area now calling Nashville home. Bri’s ability to write songs that grab you & touch your soul is a raw talent that has her having people take notice.

The two paired up to release their latest single “There’s Still Tomorrow” Fletcher stated “I was writing with one of my best friends Katie Austin, who was about to get married and had been thinking about vows for a few days straight. She had this idea for the song about how could you say I love you, but more? We had a great group of writers that day and all walked away knowing it was an instant hit. I was so thrilled to record this song with Jake because not only is he the nicest, most genuine guy, but he is also incredibly talented and picked up the song and even all my crazy requests for vocal runs. I’m so proud of this song and hope everyone loves it as much as I do!”

A beautifully written piece about being completely in love with someone. The song describes those feelings of absolute devotion, being so in love that you don’t know how you could possibly love someone more than in that moment, but every day that loves somehow just gets better and better. Jake and Bri’s vocals compliment each so well, allowing for the emotions of the lyrics to really shine through.

I couldn't love you more than I do right now

But every day's getting better somehow

'Cause anywhere you go I follow

There's never been a day that I don't

Think I couldn't love you more than I do right now

But there's still tomorrow

While I definitely think country, the instrumentation and musicality of this song has a fun and unique pop flare that is pleasing to the ear. “There’s Still Tomorrow” is sure to make it onto a variety of playlists and on repeat to have the listener singing along before it’s over.

To listen to “There’s Still Tomorrow” click HERE

Song Credits:

Performed By: Bri Fletcher & Jake Hoot

Writer(s): Bri Fletcher, Katie Austin, Keegan Bost, Ryan Lau & Sydney Lau

Produced By: Justin Wantz

Source: Bri Fletcher Music

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