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Cade Baccus – "The Best I’ve Never Had"

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Cade Baccus has been bringing the good times to fans all over Texas since he started singing and writing music. Whether he's playing solo or with his band, The Sawdust Stompers, he's sure to get the audience toe tapping and singing along with his mix of originals and traditional country covers, which he defines as the good songs released before 1995.

Cade’s latest single “The Best I’ve Never Had” deals with the flirtations between folks who are married but not to each other. Cade says, “I figured since I’m an old school Country songwriter, I should write a cheating song. Then I remembered I’m terrified of my wife. So I just wrote a song about sort-of cheating.”

With the simple guitar picking and the fiddle playing behind his vocals, Cade sings about how he’s been watching her from a distance for a while. He knows there’s something going on between them, and he won’t allow it to become a physical connection.

But it could never be

because you’re with him and she’s with me

and we made promises before

so we can’t open up that door

and though I might have regrets

you know I never will forget

and it really ain’t so bad

cause you’re the best I never had

The message is simple, and the arrangement stays subtle to be sure the message is loud and clear. Even during the guitar solo, when the fiddle takes lead, Cade’s voice doesn’t waiver. It is almost like he’s convincing himself. She is a special lady, but she’ll remain the best he’s never had.

To listen to "The Best I've Never Had" click HERE

Song Credits:

Songwriter/Vocals: Cade Baccus

Guitar: Matt Thomas

Fiddle: Andrew Wilson

Upright Bass: Curtis Sigurd

Engineer: Alex Hand

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